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Presbyterian Committee on Self Development of People Grant:
The national Presbyterian ministry disburses funding for projects and to communities that promote justice, build solidarity, advance human dignity and advocate for economic equity. The Economic and Skills Development Project in Davis was among the grant beneficiaries in 2015. Eleven micro-enterprise owners that we support at Community & Employment Services (CES) got together and applied and were awarded a $15,000 grant. The money will be used for training to develop business management skills and marketing knowledge. These individual’s goal is to use the skills and knowledge learned from the training to operate self-sustaining and profitable businesses that will provide them with a sustainable source of income.
Below is a link to the grant award announcement:
The Economic and Skills Development Project training kicked-off on February 17, 2016 at the Davis Community Church Library. Vanessa Errecarte, a marketing consultant and CEO of Erreco Strategies Management and Marketing Consulting in Davis led the group in exploring   marketing strategies that work for individual micro-enterprise owners.
On February 29 and March 3, 2016 the group received training in using social media platforms to market and advertise their businesses. The trainings were featured in the local newspaper, the Davis Enterprise. Below is a link to the newspaper article:    
Citrus Heights Job Seeker Spotlight:  Nathan Semino
I am currently a student at Sacramento City College and I’m currently looking for jobs in office settings doing primarily clerical work, such as making spreadsheets, data entry, typing, faxing, filing, copying, and using various office equipment, perhaps working in a cubicle or at a desk.

I am looking for a job for the State of California but I’m also looking for jobs at offices, schools, colleges, school districts, property management, hotels, museums, libraries, gyms, or any type of businesses in which the duties include primarily doing clerical work. 

I previously worked at Sacramento City College as a Lab Attendant, and it was my job to sign students in and out in the English Reading Lab and answering inquiries about their homework and general questions when using the lab. I also keep the lab in order from potential distractions.

I also worked at an organization called the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) which is a disability rights organization based here in Sacramento. I worked at CFLIC for 13 months in a contracted position as an Office Assistant. It was my duty to make spreadsheets, do data entry and compile research. My supervisor at CFLIC wrote a letter of recommendation, saying he really enjoyed working with me and that I was a hard worker and a leader who took on a lot of responsibilities for the different branches of the CFLIC.

Recently I have been volunteering with the Sacramento History Museum in Old Sacramento and the California Museum in downtown Sacramento doing office work and different types of duties such as cleaning the museum and examining artifacts for damages.

I think I’m a good worker because I do whatever is asked for me. I believe my best of abilities are I am a fast learner, and an equally fast worker.
In my spare time I love to exercise. I like doing aerobics and weight lifting. I also like drawing, reading books and writing short stories. 

 I have references from my work and volunteer experiences. 

If you are interested in interviewing Nathan, please contact Amanda Pelaccio or Pam Haney at Progressive Employment Concepts at (916) 723-3112.

Citrus Heights Success Spotlight:  Dominic Papa
Citrus Heights Police Department: 6315 Fountain Square Drive Citrus Heights, CA 95821
Dominic has always had an interest in law enforcement. After attending as many Criminal Justice Administration classes as possible at Folsom Lake College, some of the professors said that he was a great candidate to volunteer at the Citrus Heights Police Department.

Dominic started volunteering with the Citrus Heights Police Department on August 3, 2012. Dominic started off patrolling with the mall security at the Sunrise Mall. He has increased in his responsibilities as a volunteer and just recently started giving out citations for people illegally parking in the spaces reserved for people with disabilities. As of 9/19/17 Dominic got a new job assignment of taking down signs that people attach to the lamp posts and other public locations. Dominic also goes to various public outreach events with the police department and is heavily involved with getting gifts for children and families during the CHPD Christmas program.  

When Dominic needed to take medical leave, the Citrus Heights Police Department kept in touch with him and welcomed him back as soon as he was better. He feels so appreciated by the department and he gets recognized for his hard work and success. Dominic was recently presented with a pin for a 1,000 hours of volunteer work and also received a certificate from the California State Assembly thanking him for doing a great job for our community. When he volunteers with the police department he always has a big smile and he is always excited and happy to be there and he always finds new ways to contribute. Dominic knows that not every day volunteering with the police department will be exciting and fun but he always takes his responsibilities seriously and never misses a day unless he is sick. There is not a job that is too big or too small for Dominic.   

Ashley Robertson at Franklin Ranch Pet Hospital and hotel photo 2.JPG
Citrus Heights Micro Enterprise Spotlight:  John Sanchez and Nick Bryant
Sanchez and Bryant Recycling: 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive Citrus Heights, CA 95610

John Sanchez and Nick Bryant own a small business called “Sanchez and Bryant Recycling”. They have partnered with the Wal Warehouse Artists Lofts, Silver Oaks Apartments, Crunch Fitness and the Moose lodge, providing them with recycling bins and then collecting their bottles and cans weekly. Their service reduces litter at the sites and reduces waste in landfills that can be recycled.  

John and Nick pick up recycling on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they do marketing and administrative tasks. When asked how to be successful in business, John and Nick answered, “Be passionate and consistent on your job. Be a hard worker, have a good attitude and good customer service.” Their goal is to have 150 recycling bins and earn $600 weekly. They would eventually like to have their own redemption center where other people can bring their recycling materials to.  

Sanchez and Bryant Recycling is an offshoot of John’s middle school friend, Frank Heath who established “Heath’s Recycling”.  

Citrus Heights Employer Spotlight: Anthony Shewell
Flapjacks Diner: 2345 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95625
Anthony has been working for Flapjacks Diner since April, 2017 setting and busing tables. He works 3 days a week from 9:30am-12pm.  The owner of  Flapjacks, Frank Tofanelli, is very pleased with Anthony's work.  As he watched Anthony in action, Frank said, "He does a great job. He always has a smile on his face and he is always pleasant with everybody and that is the main thing-- to be friendly to all the customers. Even when he's standing and waiting while up working on the tables, he is always  smiling and is always very friendly. Anthony is a great employee, who works quickly and is very reliable.  He works every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and everybody just loves him."

Davis Success Spotlight: Nathan Streeter

On the morning of Thursday, February 25, 2016 Nathan Streeter met with Unitrans officials to discuss possible improvements to some of the bus stops he frequents. As a result of this meeting, one bus stop will be moved slightly down the road to a location that will make it easier for the buses to deploy their wheelchair ramps, and the whole associated stretch of curb will be painted red so parked cars don't block the stop. Another bus stop will receive a concrete wheelchair area next to the bench. Big kudos to Nathan for his awesome advocacy and to Unitrans for their response! This is what a success story looks like.

Nathan Streeter Photo.jpg
Davis Job Seeker Spotlight: Alex Abplanalp
My name is Alex Abplanalp and I am looking for a job that allows me to help others and involves technology. I was a Computer Technical Volunteer at Computer Concepts in Woodland, CA from 2010 to 2011. I helped to trouble-shoot downloaded, and installed anti-virus software and resolved connectivity problems. I have also worked as a Garden Manager for Team Davis where I maintained a community garden by weeding, watering and planting. I now run my own gardening business, Double A Produce, where I market and sell plants that I grow. I believe that I would be a great addition to any business because I am reliable, professional, friendly, and above all a problem solver.

Abplanalp, Alex-  Professional Attire Photo.jpg
Davis Micro Enterprise Spotlight: Amy Tonai 
Amy's Shredding: 105 East Street Suite 2F Davis, CA 95616

Amy Tonai is the sole owner and operator of Amy's Shredding. She started her business in 2010 with the help of family and friends. Amy has been a Yolo County resident for 35 years and has strong ties to the Davis community. She loves working with local businesses and meeting new people. She's a strong  individual with a great sense of humor.

Amy is great at telling the story of how she started her own business. Here is what she says: I started because another person with a disability no longer wanted to do his shredding business; he wanted to go back to school. I  heard about it and was excited about the idea of operating my own shredding business. I was already employed by CES and part of my duties was shredding. I enjoy every moment of it. I was going to get a loan to purchase the shredder but my dad  said  ''no, I  will  get  the  shredder  for  you.'' The big shredder cost $2,000! Friends helped move the big shredder to Woodland where I worked in a shed behind a friend's house for almost a year. I had to move when my friend needed the space for her office. I was talking to people at  CES when another person heard that I needed a new workspace. Robin Dewey said that I could work in her shed in her backyard. Now we call it the ''Shred Shack".

My business has really grown and one of the highlights was when it was discovered that when you Google ''shredding'' and ''Davis,'' Amy's shredding is at the top of the list! It is the only micro-enterprise offering shredding services in the Davis area. My customer needs range from one to 100 boxes. All of the shredded paper is recycled. Every 2 weeks, I take the shredded paper to International Paper to be recycled. I like having my own business and being my own boss. I love shredding and enjoy meeting my customers. I am proud that people in my community trust me to handle their shredding needs!

Amy w-Big Shredder.JPG
Visit Amy's Shredding website to learn more about her business, read testimonials from satisfied customers, and contact her about your shredding needs. 

Davis Employer Spotlight: 
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store:
375 West Main Street Woodland CA, 95695
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store’s vision is to be the best fabric and craft retail brand –for their customers, team members, communities and investors. Emily, the Job Developer at CES, shops at Jo-Ann’s and introduced herself to Kathleen Furry, a supervisor  at Jo-Ann’s and asked her if she would be interested in learning about CES. Jessica Owens, a client of CES, began working for Jo-Ann Fabrics Craft Store in October, 2014.

Kathleen is now Jessica’s supervisor and says “ I feel it is a great learning opportunity for myself and my associates, she makes our team grow in awareness of people's needs and abilities. Jessica has fantastic skills and people that have not worked with a person with a disability may not be aware of someone’s talents or skills.”
Jessica works on Tuesdays and Thursdays organizing and stocking the fabric patterns, bias tape, thread and other items sold at Jo-Ann’s. Jessica said her favorite part is “ it is always clean and safe in the store, and I like the people I work with.” Another favorite part of the job is "putting things where they belong. I like being responsible for the pattern drawers."

Melanie Pashenee, Jessica’s job co ach says, “Jessica is adapting well in her new position. She has a real passion for this type of work and enjoys organizing and restocking. She has taken ownership of the sewing pattern drawers and is responsible for keeping them stocked and organized.”  Melanie tells a story when she and Jessica were sitting in the back waiting for Jessica to clock in. Her supervisor had let her know that she would be putting away the fabric patterns and when it was time to get up from the back room and clock in. Jessica said “Oh you don’t need to get up, I don’t need your help. I know how to do this.” Jessica is very confident in completing her job tasks independently.
Jessica Owens photo-.JPG
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