We work with individuals who have a variety of support needs. We do not exclude anyone based on his or her perceived limitations or challenges. The job opportunities we offer enable our participants to become integrated into the workforce.

Individuals are employed onsite at area businesses, providing real jobs, with real pay, real responsibilities, and real rewards.

In preparation for employment, we take the time to get to know you by asking detailed questions and listening carefully to your needs. We help you develop a resume and assist you with the interviewing process. By assessing your individual skills and experience, we find jobs that best fit you.

We also assist individuals in finding meaningful ways to contribute in the community through volunteering and community participation as well as support to attend community college classes.

If being your own boss sounds like a better plan for you, we can support you in owning and operating your own small business. 

Progressive Employment Concepts can assist you with any or all of the following:

  • Support to find and maintain employment
  • Support to pursue community and college classes
  • Support to facilitate community involvement
  • Support to access and learn public transportation
  • Support to identify jobs that match an individuals skills and interests
  • Individualize support to explore career advancement
  • Individualize support to pursue self employment
  • Support to enhance quality of life through experience and access

How it works:

Individuals may seek additional information regarding services for themselves, or be referred by their school, their Regional Center or the Department of Rehabilitation
Services are funded by the Regional Center or the Department of Rehabilitation
Individuals are interviewed to identify current interests as well as past experiences
If interested individuals may gain valuable experience by volunteering while searching for paid employment
Assistance is provided to develop personal future plans
Individual service plans are developed based on an individual’s desires and support needs
Progressive Employment Concepts can support you in your goal to work in the community, at a job of your choice making minimum wage or better!
Services are funded by the Regional Center or the Department of Rehabilitation.  Progressive Employment Concepts is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to supporting communities where everyone belongs.
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